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Features of Vacuum cleaner from Emerson
For those who need heavy duty vacuum cleaners can check out this model for better results on the official website They provide you exact and the detailed information about the latest models which are in higher demands in the market. Such reviews can help you a lot in selecting the best of them. Emerson is a well known electronics brand which has launched its new wet dry vacuum model WS1600VA. The dimensions of this model are 20.5 x 20.38x 34.5 inches and come with a decent capacity of 16 gallon.

The power enabled with this model is 6.5 HP and comes with the maximum CFM of 169. Its tank is made up of Polypropylene and offers you with effective tank drain. This feature helps you in easy drainage of the material or waste present in the tank. The weight of this wet dry vac is around 23.4 pounds and it is quite easy to carry. The length of its hose is 7 foot and the diameter of the hose pipe is 2.25 inch. It comes with a good cord length of 20 foot and provides extra mobility while cleaning.
Overall this model comes with great suction power and a big capacity drain tank.