Process of trademark registration.

The international Trademark registration comes in two processes mainly searching the trademarks with the help of Liesegang and partners trademarks lawyers and then your trademark search by selecting your country on their website for registering your trademark. You will also get a free quote while registering your trademark from their site. We have mentioned a few details regarding the registration of trademark below.

The registration of the trademark is done in basically 10 steps. The trademark registration process provided by them is simple as possible for their customers. The steps for registration will include searching your trademark with the help of expert trademarks lawyers who will provide you good search reports with risk calculations and are also willing to answer your questions buy phone on emails. The next step includes selecting your country trademarks are valid for specific countries only so it is very important to select your country in order to protect your trademarks. Selecting your countries help you whether you have to cover several countries which might include international registration as well. The add next step is the order form where you will be asked information regarding your trademark and owner of the trademark. You will require to choose between the word marks and the figurative trademarks, also you have to mention information about your products which will help us to safeguard your Trademark for protection and give a basic detail of your business which will help you to link to your website. The next step includes reviewing your order which will include sending you a power of attorney form and a form with details of application after the trademark lawyer is done with trademark searching process for your business. All these applications and details is supposed to be reviewed signed and returned to Liesegang and partner by email. The next steps will include the trademark registration process where you will be required to pay the fees to the trademark office in order for the application to be handle properly and trademark registration certificate will be provided to you after the registration, the monitoring of the trademark process will be done, as your Trademark is an important asset which will be needed to be protected. Next you need to pay fees to our lawyers as well as all the other official fees for the registration and implementation of Trademark without any opposition.