It’s all about the money

Money is not all that bad
Money has often been the part of philosophical debates since civilization began. Money was not always a part of the economic transactions of human society. There was once a time when we used to work on the barter system wherein people used to exchange goods or services i.e. provide services or good in exchange for good or services they need from someone else. Then, came money and it changed everything.
Money is often cited as the root of all evils and it might be true to a certain extent as well. However, regardless of what it is and how deep rooted our philosophy and ideals might be, the simple truth is that we now live in a world where we cannot exist without money. It is not just luxuries that we need money for but even for the bare essentials that are needed to live in this dog eat dog world of ours.

The urge and the passion to make money is thus not something that should always be looked down as greed. Yes, sometimes it is greed and we need to keep everything in moderation. An excess of nothing is healthy and the same goes with the want to make money. Making money is something that everyone should and needs to aspire towards but they need to keep it in check and make sure that needs does not become greed.
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